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Friday, June 06, 2014

FINALLY moved in!!

we were finally able to get partially moved in, the last couple of weekends! SO exciting! i am in love with my house already....even though theres still so much to do. i thought actually living there, and seeing all of the work that needs to be done (every second of every day), would be a little overwhelming..but it hasnt gives me a new motivation to get it all done!

been really busy the last 3 weeks getting the finishing touches done upstairs and on the kitchen, so we could get in there. originally, we wanted to have all of the trim put up, and painted before we got in there....well, we decided not to wait. we wanted in! its mostly finished....a few window and door casings to put up and all of the crown, but its close. so the only downside to that is having to move the furniture away from walls to paint the trim...but i'll take it! still need to do a ton of touch-up painting on the pretty new walls have been gouged and marked already...sad.

here are a few new photos of the progress!
the closet system we installed in the 'dressing room' area of the master bdrm

WHOA! look at that mess! i've been talked to several times already about all the clothing i have....its ridiculous, i know. 

this is the laundry room vanity that the husband built. the top is made out of the reclaimed fir boards we found on the exterior walls. love it that we've found so many uses for it!

kitchen counter tops were just installed yesterday.....LOVE them!!! i chose to go with quartz. i wanted something light, with grey veining in it. i wasn't finding that in granite. i love them! now we can install the back splash!

we moved in, but peanut and i are staying at the parents again the last couple of days....we didn't have a chance to demo the living room, entry or den before we got moved in. so the livable part of the house was poly'd off and demoing has been going on the last few days. we knew there was a recent wall put up between the den and living room, which we were going to get rid of. it wasn't original and we wanted to build some cool sliding doors on a rail to section off the two rooms. the wall was 7" thick btwn the two the HOPE was that they just sheet rocked right over the old wall...and maybe, just MAYBE there were old pocket doors in there!!!! demo began and we found this....a somewhat recent framed wall, WITH framing for pocket doors...but no pocket doors. bummer! so i wonder when the house was built, if these two rooms were just one big room?? we still have part of the wall to demo, and then maybe we'll be able to tell from the original framing.

looking into the den, from the living room

here's what it looked like before.

this is before. we're keeping the curved built-in. its not original, but it's old...and i really like the character of it! but i think we're going to open the wall up a little more going up the stairs...the old chimney sits right the left of the built-in, and thats gone now, so we have another 3-4' of space to open up!
a bit hard to tell...but this is in the den, which is connected to the round porch in the front of the house. after demoing the walls, we got to see that there used to be a window in the left corner there! which would've been looking out onto the round porch. i'm sad its gone....that would've been great! we could put one in, but we would have to find old windows that are the same as our, AND find window casing that matches...which isn't impossible...but....

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