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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

lath and plaster and trim...

the victorian is coming right along...the roof is FINALLY finished! it looks so cool seeing part of the house done...and it looks great! makes me so excited to finalize the exterior paint colors. i was thinking of doing a nice neutral palette on the exterior, with maybe 3 or 4 colors...but i think i've decided to do a more bold color as the main house color! and i've chosen about 4 or 5 colors total to finish the exterior! the main color, the window trim color, the storm window color, the fascia and soffit color, and then detail color. i ALMOST have them finalized!

we've (and when i say WE'VE, i really mean my husband and everyone else working on the house...i haven't been able to do anything there YET..) gotten alot done on the interior the last month or so, which is so exciting AND a little overwhelming to see! every time i walk in there, it just reminds me of how much work this house is going to be...yikes! the trim itself, is going to be a nightmare...there are hundreds, maybe thousands of feet of trim to be restored. i think its fir..which would be gorgeous in its raw wood state. but everything has been painted with several layers of paint through out the years and to strip all of the trim would take years to do. so it'll be painted again, which in itself will be a HUGE job. its obviously original, which is about 150 years old...and with that, its very fragile and dry. so taking it off upstairs has been a challenge. there will be some repair work on some of the broken pieces and we'll have to go to some arch salvage places to find some replacement pieces. we've tried to label each and every piece, so it goes back somewhat nicely...and then bundled each room together...look at this nightmare:

this is only a portion of the trim from the upper level...and as you can see it takes up almost the ENTIRE living room downstairs! the big piece on the right hand side, is part of the wainscoting that goes on the main staircase. the rest are pieces of base and crown, door and window trim. AND some longer pieces of lath that we'll need to fir out the walls upstairs, so the sheetrock is flush with the window and door jambs.                                   

i was hoping we would find some cool things hidden in the attic or the walls...and we've found a couple little things...two signatures (i only have one photographed right now) of possibly the men that built the house?? its a little hard to read...but i think its so cool!! it was under all of the lath and plaster in the exterior boards. i'm thinking if possible, i'd like to cut this board out, save it and frame it!

here are a few other photos of the 'gutting' process. we've already filled up 2- 30 yard dumpsters and just ordered another one today! its crazy how much lath and plaster is in this house! and this is ONLY the upper floor!

bathroom, looking into what will be the new laundry room

a wall in the bathroom. have i said how excited i am to have radiators in the house, especially in the bathroom!! i LOVE that i can put my towel on there while i shower and then have a nice hot towel when i'm done!

this is the guest bedroom, looking into the master

this is the upper hall

in the next post, i'll tell you about two of the MOST exciting things from the 'gutting' process so far!!! it's been so fun seeing whats UNDER parts of the walls, ceilings and plaster!!

stay tuned!!


we wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

this year has been especially amazing for us...opening the shop & meeting so many lovely people, getting married, starting to renovate our dream home, AND best of all, welcoming little emma to our family!

new winter hours AND.....

I'm back at the shop today working on some new exciting things!! lots of new furniture pieces will be out soon... AND working on a new addition to the shop... stay tuned for more details!

we're back  open on thursday the 2nd!

here are our new winter hours:

mon & tues: closed
wed-fri: 11-6
sat: 11-5
sun: closed

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

holiday hours

adourn will be closed the week between christmas and new years.....we need some family time!!!

here are the holiday hours:

thursday 12/19: 11-6
friday 12/20: 11-6
saturday 12/21: 11-5
sunday 12/22-wed 1/1: closed

thursday 1/2: 11-6
and back open for normal hours from the 2nd on out!!

enjoy your holiday!!

only a FEW shopping days left!!

i can't believe christmas is next week already! stop in adourn this THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY for some last minute gifts!!

on friday and saturday, we'll have some yummy donut holes and dunn bros coffee to enjoy while you shop around the store...AND of course the christmas music will be blaring!!

custom kitchen project

i just finished up with a custom kitchen cabinet project! they wanted a creamy color on the cabinets (which blends beautifully with the granite countertops) with some distressing and aging done... it turned out amazing...i love it! it looks like an entirely new kitchen! the client added some new oil rubbed bronze hardware to the cabinet doors and drawers and i love how that pulls in the black island!



holiday windows

i LOVE doing the window displays for all of the different seasons, or just to switch things up at the shop! christmas is especially a fun time! i wanted to keep the theme 'white' this year, with little accents of turquoise and red. these were the colors we used for our holiday open i wanted the windows to flow with that. i made a few different wooden trees, put up a bunch of lights and put a few pieces of neutral furniture in the windows. my mom helped with the window boxes and i think they look so festive and wintery!

drive by when it's dark looks SO pretty and sparkley! and you can see the fun decorated chandelier too!

buy HANDMADE for christmas!


stop in adourn and buy HANDMADE this year for christmas!!

handmade handwarmers

linen/room sprays, solid lotion sticks, soap

vintage feed sack pillows, vintage embroidered napkins

earring, bracelets and necklaces

accessories to make your mason jars 'to go' cups, CUPPOW lids for mason jars, floursack dish towels, felt jar cozy's

christmas centerpieces

vintage textile ornaments, handmade gift tags

shutter wreaths


photo shoot with candid joy photography

here's a little sneak peek from baby emma's first photo shoot!!! turned out beautiful!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

changes in hours...until end of the year

with just having my new baby...i have decided to be closed on wednesday's and sunday's until the end of the i can spend a little more time with her! we'll still be open thursday, friday and saturday!!! plenty of time to come on in and get all of your christmas gifts!

come the new year...we will be back open our normal hours!

for now:

mon-wed: closed
thrus-fri: 11-6
sat: 11-5
sun: closed