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Thursday, November 29, 2012

green chippy buffet

another auction item finished and on the floor!! this was a fun one to do...i used a vintage green color for the outside of it and a pop of bright peacock blue for the insides! i also put some felt in one of the drawers for delicate items.

47w x 22d x 39h. $325.


christmas ornaments!!

these were so fun to make! i used an old vintage atlas to make the spool ornaments and put a button and some twine on cute! $5 each

and the little floursack towel ornaments...i stamped holiday wording on them and put a ribbon and button on...$5 each

coffee bag chairs...

i LOVE these coffee bean chairs!!! so cute in a kitchen or little eating nook!! $65 each.

a couple of the 'auction' items are finished and on the floor!

the last auction i went to was a great success!! found lots of cool pieces. i was really excited to get started on them, i sort of had an idea of what i'd do to each of them. the first one i started was a smaller empire scroll chest. it was pretty rough...the veneer was chipping and it was DIRTY! i've had these fantastic orange/cream/gold knobs and have been waiting to use them on the right piece...this was it! the look amazing with the pale grey paint....

its 35w x 20d x 29h. $200

here it is 'before'......beautiful lines...

after!! i love how it turned out! the pale grey was perfect!

and the very cool knobs!!!

and i was also able to finish one of the french deco chairs!!! i decided to do the rocker first. i went online to search for some fabric that was in the deco style, but with a modern twist to it. i found this amazing cream/teal/black fabric. it looks 1930's but with a modern aire to it. gorgeous on the chair!!


the french deco rocker 'before'...with her sad 80's fabric covered seat

and after...the fabric look so great with the french linen colored paint i used!

every gal needs an apron, right?!

so there was just an article in the post bulletin about aprons making a come girlfriend, daysha borst got me into wearing an apron a few years ago...and now i wear one almost every day! when i'm at the shop, i wear one while painting, or i fill my apron pockets with price tags while i'm pricing items, and home while i cook. i love it! she actually makes her own aprons and they are ADORABLE! she uses vintage inspired fabrics and makes the full body aprons, most of them reversible. they're gorgeous! she's a great seamstress! she made some to sell at adourn and people absolutely love them!! come in and pick one up for all of your holiday cooking...and they would make a great gift too!

vintage inspired aprons. $36

stocking stuffers!

there are lots of fun little stocking stuffers and gifts now out at adourn!!

fabulous key rings with bright, fun fabrics! $8

handmade floursack towels. fabric in the center with a little ribbon and snap, so you can snap it to the fridge or oven handle. $8

up-cycled wine sleeves! great hostess gift! $11

the great soap company soap....beautiful scents and great lathering soap! $4 and $5.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the auction was a success!!

i was able to go to an auction thursday night and ended up coming back with everything i wanted! i'll be working on all of it in the coming week and it'll be out on the floor soon!

here are a few things i found...

gorgeous buffet with mirror

french deco chair and rocker

smaller scale scroll dresser

Thursday, November 15, 2012

new goodies on the floor!

its been an AMAZING start....people have loved what i've done with the shop and pieces so far! i've been working into the nights getting new things done, to replace the sold pieces. i JUST got done with a gorgeous desk, a few side tables, a couple of dressers and a nightstand!

beautiful antique desk....i stripped the top and found this amazing burled wood veneer!! i couldn't paint over it...its wonderful! the dark charcoal grey will be a nice neutral to any interior. would be PERFECT for a sofa table or entry table!

a little bench and dresser. the dresser has some gorgeous carving on the side!

a nice detail shot of the dresser...the black glass knobs look amazing on the dark teal!

a detail shot of the chippy wonderfulness!

this dresser is a knock out!!! the empire scrolling on the legs and mirror is so grand! this piece is large and would be great for a dining buffet as well. the red is so rich and deep in color!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

new dresser....

i had 5 large pieces sell this wknd, so i had to get more things finished to take their place! i had this white dresser that was waiting in the garage to be finished...and i chose a dark, rich turquoisey-green to finish it in. it turned out GORGEOUS! it chipped just enough to have the white show though in spots and has the most beautiful finish to it. the drawers are painted a soft butter yellow to coordinate with the green. its a little hard to tell in the photo, but it has a curved front...and i was able to use the original hardware too!!

the pictures really don't do it justice..but here's a peek. stop down and see it!!

open for business!

it's been an AMAZING opening so far!! thanks to everyone for the word of mouth and support...tons of people came through this weekend! lots of things have sold NEW and exciting things are out on the floor!