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Thursday, May 29, 2014

heritage preservation award

each year, during preservation month, the city of chatfield gives out an award to an individual that has done an outstanding job, restoring a structure in town that is at least 50 years old....i was THRILLED to find out that my husband and i won the award this year!! they did a sort of combo award....for the work we did on the shop (adourn) and the restoration we're doing on our 1870 victorian. we were invited to the city council meeting on tuesday night, and they presented the award to us.

i am so happy that we've been able to contribute to the historic preservation of the town! and it really does make me feel good that other people are also interested in the preservation and recognition of doing so. there are so many amazing homes and buildings downtown that could be restored and saved....extremely grateful that we've had the opportunity to preserve history....twice!


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