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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

its official....

adourn is now a 'brick and mortar'!!!! i've been working all summer on finding the right place to put the shop...and it's finally all come together! yesterday we closed on an old brick building in chatfield...i've been working on the design of it all summer and now its finally a reality!

just like most of my furniture when i first get it, the space is in rough needs A LOT of work. after closing yesterday, we went in there and took a good look....holy crap! i can see through all of the cracked plaster, the layers upon layers of carpet and linoleum and see how beautiful it will turn out in the end. my 'goal' is to have it open for business in late october. now, that may or may not could be a pretty lofty goal, but nevertheless, thats the goal!!

i'm going to be super busy working on the shop every day and working on furniture to put IN the shop, so i'll keep you all updated on the progress!

here are a couple pictures i snapped yesterday. day one.

here she is, with her metal awning in all its glory! there will be some major renovations on the outside!

a shot from the inside. like i said, layer upon layer of carpet and linoleum to come up! but underneath it all are hardwood floors!

there are so many random things put on the walls...

here's a shot looking to the back of the shop. its a TON of space...3000 sq/ft

and here's bo! he's all ready to go!