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Sunday, August 26, 2012

weekend finds!

this weekend was super productive! i ended up going on a road trip to iowa to see if i could find some new undiscovered shops...and that i did. there was this little town out in the middle of nowhere on the minnesota and iowa border. just a tiny little store out in the country. it was a mix between an antique store, thrift store and she even had groceries in there! a bit strange, but this lady had some amazing things... here's what i found there..

a blue floral pyrex mixing bowl
the most beautiful cornflower blue enamel bowl
a set of 4 milkglass mixing bowls
this retro set is in mint condition for vintage glassware!! a nice large serving bowl with 4 custard bowls
i LOVE this set! i had found the 2 bowls on separate occasions and found the little mugs yesterday
glass desert trays. these are so cool! cake and coffee...
i almost want to go back to that little store today, there were a few things i didn't buy that i'm kicking myself for now! i'm not sure i can even find it again, its quite the hidden place!

then we went to this little town in iowa, which i've been before....and this place was the reason for the trip. last time i went, there was this huge warehouse of a store that was just full of furniture...and i mean full! it was all stacked on top of each other at least 3 or 4 high. heaven. so i called the man that owned it to see make sure he was open on saturday...he said that he was at the fairgrounds having a sale instead..assured me it was worth my while to go! well, we got there and let me tell you, it wasn't worth my while. i felt like i was in the twilight zone or something when we walked meet some VERY interesting people when you're out hunting around for things! i ended up buying a couple things from him....and he really wanted to sell me he told me about another store he had in town. told us he'd take us there right then so we could look around. curiosity got me and we went. well, this place wasn't much better than his little fairground sale...but i did find some cool accessories's what i found in his shop...
amazing midcentury lamp! the finish is a pale goldenrod with bright gold accents
another great midcentury lamp! cream and gold speckled with a gorgeous dark bronze strip around the middle
and of course an old vintage add to my collection!

i scored a few larger pieces of furniture at another they are...
this old crusty chippy door....the colors don't show up great, but its a dark gold as a layer, then a grey/lavender layer and then the mint green on top...beautiful!!
crusty goodness!!
a beautiful side table
a vintage dresser on wheels
love this serpentine dresser...the lines are gorgeous! bummer one of the original hardware pieces is missing...
SO this was my wknd!!! found some amazing things that will be for sale in my shop soon!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

special delivery!

i finished with the rest of the mid-century nursery furniture this was delivered to its new home this afternoon! i have to say, it was so cool to see 'the mama' SO excited to get her furniture....she absolutely loved it. that's one of the most satisfying things, to see the excitement from the client...and to know she loves it and can't wait to get it arranged in the room!

here are some photos of the finished set...

here's the nightstand with the fabric i put on the it!

the little table and chairs. the table has a chalkboard paint on the top

i thought the chairs and table legs would look good distressed, seeing the other furniture was so cleanly painted.

i decided the lower dresser needed a little detail on the outside!

the only thing left is the crib...and a possible rocker. mama promised to send photos of the nursery once its all put together! i can't wait to see the bedding and curtains and all the little details!

Monday, August 20, 2012

pieces i'm working on...

so, i've added a new page to the site, { pieces i'm working on }. i thought it would be a good place to put photos up of all the cool stuff i've found, that i haven't re-habbed yet! if something catches your eye, let me know and i can reserve it for you! we can come up with a custom design just for you!

stay tuned, i'll be posting new photos this afternoon!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

my little side-kick

i have a little 'helper' that needs to be right in the middle of what i'm doing, when i'm painting! he just needs to be close to his mama :) most of the time, he ends up wearing whatever color i'm painting with at the time...

i've decided what i'm going to do with 'frenchy'. i'm going with the green-ish tones. i might add some blue in with it as well. i love love this paisley fabric! i think i'll start on it tonight! the color will be a custom color...i have so many shades of green and blue paint. i think i'll just mix them together until i get the exact right tone i want.

record cabinet- SOLD

a fun gal from mpls bought the cool record cabinet! she lives in uptown and is furnishing her apartment with fun vintage furniture. i hope you love this piece as much as i do, thanks cally!


lucky baby!!

i had such a great weekend! i found a fabulous set of stencils that coordinates so well with the fabric for the mid-century nursery. i spend most of sunday painting bright colored drawers...and then stenciling each drawer and a few bare wooden panels. i still have some things to finish...but the nursery is almost done!!! what a lucky baby! she'll love it!

here are a few shots of what i did this weekend...

each dresser has the diamond shape drawers on the upper part...i decided to paint all of those in the avocado green and do a stencil in each.

here's the nightstand and the headboard. i wanted to add a little detail to each wooden panel, and this stencil worked perfect!

here's the highboy dresser. this is such a great storage piece! on the left side, it has these three drawers and then on the other side, shelving. with two long drawers on top. i wanted to add some of the raspberry, so painted the little drawers in that!

so, here's a closeup of one of the fabrics 'momma' is using for the bedding and curtains...don't the stencils look awesome with it!!!?

i was thinking of doing some of the stenciling in the raspberry or avocado, but i was wondering if it would be too busy....i really like the white. it adds nice detail without being gaudy!

i still have something to finish on the nightstand...which will be so darling. and i'm thinking of adding some metallic on the bottom part of the feet on each dresser and nightstand. most mid-century furniture has metal capped feet....these ones didn't, but i think i'll add'll make it look more 'finished'.

Friday, August 10, 2012

green chair SOLD

a sweet gal named emily stopped over yesterday and ended up taking the green chair home with her! she just moved here to start her new nursing job and needs to start furnishing her apartment! she was maybe interested in 'frenchy'.....a fun custom project! thanks emily!!



so, here's a photo of the table, the one i was talking about in the previous post. it has a beautiful 'frenchy' shape and the size is perfect for a small cocktail table. after talking with emily...i got an idea of the colors she likes and the style she's here's what i've come up with so far....not sure which color scheme i'll pull from the paper. i have chosen some blue tones and some green tones...

my plan is to paint the base of the table and then put the cool paisley paper on the top! the paisley will go well with the lines of's going to be adorable!


the possible blue colors with the paisley paper

and the possible green colors

i'm not sure which way to go yet....i love both blue and we'll see!

a new direction

i've really been trying to figure out where to go with my little business's taking off amazingly well!!! THANKS EVERYONE!!! i got some exciting news yesterday afternoon...and can't WAIT to let everyone know....once i get the final word...i'll spill it!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

armoire project

i just got another custom project..a gal has been wanting an armoire for her bedroom for quite a while..and she finally found one! she dropped it off the other day and we've decided on the color scheme. the lines of the armoire are great, and it has tons of storage for all of her clothing. here's a shot of the 'before'...

she loves this is going to be a really fun piece to do! i found the PERFECT knobs on anthropologie site last night and ordered them right away....

i think i'm going to keep some of the original hardware and paint it. most likely the drawer pulls will stay and then i'll replace all of the pulls with these cool anthro knobs!

going paint shopping this wknd!