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hello, and thank you for visiting adourn.

i think i've always loved furniture...i could easily be a hoarder of vintage furniture and anything old, really! i love the 'finding' part of each piece i bring home or to the workshop. visiting all the thrift stores and going on road trips to find new and interesting things is so much fun! i wish i knew the history of each piece...where it came from, and who owned it...oh the stories it could tell!

i absolutely love designing and then re-designing once i get bored! the house has been painted several times, and i could re-arrange and get new accessories every few months. i realized i could start my little company and do this with pieces i find, instead of putting my house through that all the time! but once i get something done, its so dear to's hard to sell.... but i must!

so now after i've been an interior designer, interior stylist, jewelry designer, and was finally time to put my best talent forward and do something i've always wanted to do. be creative every single day and find homes for all things i create! so i lovingly created adourn, a small boutique where my passion is lived daily.

i love it when i have people interested in doing custom pieces! if you have furniture sitting around, that you aren't sure what to do me and we can set up an appointment!