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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sheetrock is up...color is coming!

SO we have had a ton of progress since i last posted! a lot was done this past weekend...the first layer of sanding has begun (man that is a hard job!), the bottom half of the building has been painted, partition walls have been set, sheetrock is up and taping & mudding has begun!!! the ceiling is almost finished being painted (its nice and bright again!)

this week the rest of the exterior will be finished, i need to make my sign to be hung outside, floors will HOPEFULLY be finished with sanding, the interior walls all primed and some electrical finished!

still aiming for november 1 to OPEN!!! whooohooo!!! i am BEYOND excited!!!

here are a few shots of the progress....

the awning is gone!!!

the storefront!

partition walls are getting set

partition walls are sheetrocked and sanding has begun!

beautiful floors under there...

a shot looking into the front of the store

ceiling with first coat of primer...bright once again!


  1. Looking good! That is going to be one amazing space.

  2. I applaud your efforts! can't wait to see it all completed...