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Friday, October 12, 2012

it's moving along....

SO the shop is coming along...still aiming for the end of october to be open...maybe the 1st or 2nd or even 3rd of nov...its going well, except for the floor!! its the devil. it really has been a pain to get the old flooring up and to figure out what to do with the mess on the floor left behind. sanding was our first choice, obviously..and we're going to start that tonight. we'll see how it goes.

i DID get quite a bit done this week though! the outside has been painted...we have color! i still need to finish the upper brick area, but the lower part of the building has been finished! its supposed to rain tomorrow, so not sure i'll be able to finish it this wknd. it looks amazing so far though! i went with a charcoal grey for the brick and a nice rich cream for the trim...and of course a bright pop of mint green for the door. i'm going for a vintage color palette, so that will continue on the interior as well.

this wknd we have lots of help coming!!! YAY!

on the agenda this wknd: placing walls, sheetrocking, painting ceiling and sanding floors.  wow. but, on monday, it will look completely different inside!!

i'll post more pictures of the progress tomorrow!

and just a little thank you....everyone in town has been SO welcoming and helpful! last wknd, we were working on taking the awning down and a few guys in town were driving by and decided to stop and help...that is so amazing! it seems everyone is excited to have new activity in town!

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