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Friday, December 12, 2014

reclaimed wood dining table

just got a new dining table in the shop today! my dad actually built this one...and i asked him if he knew where the wood came from. its always nice to have a little story with a piece of furniture i make or sell here! he said that it came from his family farm, the maynard johnson farm. he thought that jack mulholland cut the trees down on grandpas land and milled them. he's saved the wood for more than 15 years...waiting to find a project to make out of it! so, needless to say, this table is sort of special to me....i love that it was built with the wood that grew on the land, that my grandpa johnson farmed!

i love the dark, warm stain color and the contrasting lighter wood pieces....with the metal accents! this would look amazing in any interior!

77w x 40d x 31h

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