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Thursday, September 11, 2014

the big announcement...!

its FINALLY here!!!! im super excited to announce that adourn is now a retailer for miss mustard seed's milk paint! this was a HUGE decision for me...and to be honest, quite the investment. for a small shop like mine to carry such a nationally recognized brand of milk paint, is a huge thing and it took a lot of thought on my end...but in the end, decided it would be an amazing opportunity! there aren't any other retail outlets in the area, so the only way to purchase, is to take a little road trip about 60 miles away...or to order online. now you can stop on by, take a look at it in person...see samples of each color, and see some of the pieces i've painted in milk paint that are for sale on the floor!

i've been working on getting a spot in the shop set up for a display and merchandise area...and i'm almost finished with it. i found this awesome old work bench with cross legs that i'm using as the table to put everything on...i still have to clean that up and get it out here. its 9' long and SUPER heavy! i'll be stocking all 18 colors of milk paint, the white, clear and antiquing wax, and the bonding agent. i'll also have some mini whisks to mix it, and some brushes....everything you'd need to do projects!

it's not all out on display yet, i've just opened the boxes this morning, but feel free to come and grab some!

i'll also be at the weathered & rusty market on october 3, 4, and 5th at the fairgrounds and i'll be debuting the milk paint there and doing a painting demo that saturday at noon! yay!

once i am able to get things a little more organized, i'll be offering some milk paint workshops this keep your eyes open for sign-ups!

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