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Friday, August 01, 2014

the results....

after letting the hardware boil for hours and looked like can see the paint bubbling off...

and here it is with a little scraping...

after this, i ended up letting it sit in some citrus stripper for about an hour to loosen the last bits of paint. even though its one of the least obnoxious strippers....its still pretty bad. and its not something i want to use for the rest of the hardware. but it got off most of the paint. i had a few suggestions yesterday, that simple green (the cleaner) takes paint off. it doesnt smell bad...its ok for the environment and it doesnt ruin the metal. im SO trying that with the rest of the hardware!!!

i took a stiff nylon brush to work the rest of it off and then realized how much detail was on the i have to find a little tiny tool to pick the rest out of the crevices. some people might think i'm CRAZY..and even i thought i was crazy too for going to that extent. BUT the end result turned out so beautiful. AND this is actually the only hinge in the entire house that has this detail and carving on it. the rest are just flat, normal, standard hinges...which i'm thinking of replacing with ones similar to this, because i know they were in the house at some point...and then the hinges will match the knobs and window pulls!

and here they are all washed and ready to put up!

aren't they beautiful?! who knew this was under all of that paint?! only thing now.....we have to find the pins that go in them...somehow they got misplaced when taking the door off....oh dear.

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