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Thursday, April 24, 2014

em's room

in the previous post, i showed the chaos that IS the's been started and parts of it have been installed! it took a good full day to scrape, sand and repair just em's bedroom! her floors have been sanded, stained and have 2 coats of poly on them. so we'll install the trim and then the last coat of poly will go on. i decided to paint the trim once its been installed. first off because we don't have the room to really lay it all out and paint it....and also because i would rather not have to do a bunch of touch-ups once its put up. the crown however, i'll paint that before its put up! there's NO way i'm trimming in a ceiling AND a wall!! it went up better than we thought it would. there were a few missing pieces that got bundled in with other rooms, but each piece was found. and it fit back pretty good actually! i'll need to caulk a few spots, but it'll look gorgeous with paint on it!

here's a picture of the little peanut :) this is her room that i'm showing photos of this post!

here were the floors before they were sanded, after sanding and right after the stain and poly went on...they look shinier than they will be..the poly was still wet. but i chose a satin finish. im not a glossy hardwood floor kind of gal! so, i originally had the vision of having dark stained floors throughout the house...i was talked out of it. ended up going with a warm medium nutmeg color. i have to say, they look amazing! the guy that did them does AMAZING work!!!

they were actually in great shape. the carpet had been covering them for DECADES. i'm pretty sure the carpet was from the 60's! this is a 'before'

we had to pull all the staples out before the sanding started

whoohooo!!! almost ready for the stain!


here are a few photos of the original trim put back on. its so pretty.....don't let the sanding spots, the multiple colors of paint or the roughness of it scare have to look past all of that and imagine what it will be like once it has a coat of fresh paint on it! the detail of it is gorgeous!

look at ALL of those pieces....i'm still thinking 'hell'.

looks in pretty rough shape here! but its all intact and ready for new paint

it's moving along! the next room we'll finish trim in, is the guest room. the floors are finished in there too. the only room that doesnt have trim is the bathroom. at some point in the 80's it was remodeled and the big original trim was taken out and replaced with some ugly 80's floor tile. sad. so we will have to find some trim for that room from a salvage place.

here's a sneak peek at the kitchen floor!! the next post will be about this room. i'm LOVING how its turning out!! cabinets are going to be installed this weekend hopefully!