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Monday, January 06, 2014

this dresser was so fun to research! i LOVE it when they still have the original tags on the back! the gal that i got this from lives in chatfield, and after researching the was actually sold IN chatfield years and years ago. she said that when she was little, her and her sister shared this dresser! they each got their own top drawer and shared the bottom drawer...can you imagine that today, with all of the clothes kids have?!?! the tag on the back says it was sold at 'hans jorgenson' furniture in chatfield! i did some checking and his original store around 1910 was at 220 south main street. RIGHT next door to my shop..which is now the chatfield news building. love that this was sold right next door to my shop about 120 years ago and has stayed in the town ever since! its a special little piece :)


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