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Thursday, March 28, 2013

antique dresser sink

im in love with this vanity! if i had a bathroom that this would go into, i'd keep it! the top two drawers are 'fixed' so they can't open, but the other 2 are fully functional. i stripped and stained the top and i love the contrast of the dark wood top with the green dresser and white vessel sink. i used some deco inspired white ceramic knobs to coordinate with the white vessel sink. the mirror is the same tone as the top of the vanity and can be attached to the wall. i specifically used a mirror that would attach to the wall, so there would be room for a faucet in back of the sink. another cool idea, would be to attach the faucet to the wall!

the sink is permanently mounted to the dresser and the drain is installed. your plumber will be able to hook your plumbing right up to it.

40w x 20d x 35.


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