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Monday, January 07, 2013

the first 'ladies night' at adourn!

so the first 'ladies night' at adourn will be on Saturday January 26th, at 5:30 pm. A fun evening with your girlfriends to do something a little different!

we'll be having a henna artist come in and paint gorgeous designs! i've had henna painting quite a few times...its so beautiful! i've chosen to have my hands painted, and here are a couple photos of the designs i chose last time i had it done....

the artist will have examples of all of the designs she'll be able to do on you. the process is fun to watch as well....she'll use a cone to paint the henna on your skin and it's sort of a thick paste. then the paste will begin to dry and flake off. you want to keep the paste on as long as you can, so it dries completely...this is how the stain will adhere to the skin. in my experience, the stain has stayed on the skin for around 7-10 days...but some of my friends have had it stay on longer...i think it really depends on the type of skin you have.

here's a link to get a little more info on the art of mehndi:

you could go bolder like i did in the photos...or you could have your palm painted or maybe just a little design in a place thats not as noticeable!

the class will be able to hold 12-15 ladies. it'll last around 2 you can stay and hang out with your girlfriends and have some cocktails....or if you're in a hurry, you can take off once your design is done!

the cost will $30 per person and of course the henna painting and cocktails are included!

please RSVP by calling 507.251.4202 or by sending an email to:

** i won't be asking for half down at time of reservation, so please only register if you know you are FOR SURE able to make it. OR please cancel at least 10 days before the event, so other ladies are able to join. the artist is coming down from the cities, so as courtesy to her....please make sure you can attend before you register!

*if the class fills up, you will be put on a waitlist, just in case there is a cancellation!

here is the artists facebook page and website: she does AMAZING work, im very excited to have her come and do the event!

im REALLY excited to start having events at the shop....i've had alot of interest in it, so we'll continue to offer events/classes each month!

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