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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

nice press for the OPENING thursday!!!

nice press from the post bulletin!

Heard on the Street: Furniture rehab shop refreshes Chatfield's Main Street

Posted: Oct 30, 2012, 9:09 am

Everything old is new again, once Melissa Wood gets a hold of it.

With a background in interior design, Wood rescues and revives old furniture and home decor as well as creating new jewelry made from vintage pieces.

Her drive to restore and re-energize the old even extends to buildings. She has spent the past few weeks renovating a long vacant building on Chatfield's Main Street to bring it back to its past glory to create a fitting home for her new shop.

Watch for Adourn, her "furniture rehab" and upscaled vintage style shop, to open its door at 10 a.m. Thursday at 218 Main St. in Chatfield.

What exactly does furniture rehab entail?

"I find vintage or antique furniture and I make it fresh and new. That might mean fixing it or something. Many times it is just about using different painting techniques," Wood says.

When she moved to southeastern Minnesota, she found that the area just didn't have much in the way of this type of business. Wood had previously worked at a small boutique in the Twin Cities refreshing vintage furniture and home accessories.

"I loved to have those kind of things around me," she says. "Other than Lanesboro, there just isn't anything like that around here."

So after years of accumulating things from flea markets, yard sales and estate sales, she decided it was time move it out of her house and open her own store.

Chatfield seemed like a good place to do that, since it is on the route that many people use for the popular Twin Cities to Lanesboro pilgrimage.

Plus the empty Chatfield building was in dire need of restoration. Wood's willingness to improve the look of the small city has hit a good note with the people of Chatfield.

"This town has been awesome. People have been very welcoming," she says.

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  1. Congradulation Melissa, The shop looks amazing and I really enjoyed the article. Can't wait to get the family back there and check out all of your hard work. And the little bit my brother did too! :-)