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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


i finished priming tonight!! now i get to start the fun part....COLOR! i decided to keep some of the detail of each piece, seeing there were such cool indentations on the drawers and doors. now each piece will have the wood tones to give them some dimension.

here are the drawers for the longer low dresser. i'm thinking the diamond shapes left in the bare wood are going to look so cool!!

the nightstand...with part of the drawer left in bare wood

the long upper drawers for the tallboy dresser. i am just loving the diamond shapes!

here's a photo of the footboard...and then the sliding doors that go on the headboard

there are two of these doors, that go on the bottom of the highboy dresser. i'm playing around with the idea of doing some sort of stencil on the doors.....maybe?!

and finally, the mirror that attaches to the long low dresser

tomorrow i am going paint shopping....i've decided to do a semi-gloss on all of the furniture. it holds up well to wear and tear and it has such a nice sheen to it. the bare wood accents on each piece will be waxed with a furniture paste to give them a nice finish and sheen.

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