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Monday, August 13, 2012

lucky baby!!

i had such a great weekend! i found a fabulous set of stencils that coordinates so well with the fabric for the mid-century nursery. i spend most of sunday painting bright colored drawers...and then stenciling each drawer and a few bare wooden panels. i still have some things to finish...but the nursery is almost done!!! what a lucky baby! she'll love it!

here are a few shots of what i did this weekend...

each dresser has the diamond shape drawers on the upper part...i decided to paint all of those in the avocado green and do a stencil in each.

here's the nightstand and the headboard. i wanted to add a little detail to each wooden panel, and this stencil worked perfect!

here's the highboy dresser. this is such a great storage piece! on the left side, it has these three drawers and then on the other side, shelving. with two long drawers on top. i wanted to add some of the raspberry, so painted the little drawers in that!

so, here's a closeup of one of the fabrics 'momma' is using for the bedding and curtains...don't the stencils look awesome with it!!!?

i was thinking of doing some of the stenciling in the raspberry or avocado, but i was wondering if it would be too busy....i really like the white. it adds nice detail without being gaudy!

i still have something to finish on the nightstand...which will be so darling. and i'm thinking of adding some metallic on the bottom part of the feet on each dresser and nightstand. most mid-century furniture has metal capped feet....these ones didn't, but i think i'll add'll make it look more 'finished'.

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