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Thursday, November 06, 2014

powder room

we've been SO busy trying the get the rest of the main level finished before winter! and this past week, we were able to start moving some things in! i still can't believe we have a WHOLE house to live in now...its been 13 months since we started. so it's bee so long awaited. i'll start off with a little 'before & after' of the powder room on the main level. all the walls are painted and floors are finished...but we still have the 'puzzle' of putting the trim back up. that'll take a while. but it's getting there AND it's livable now!

here's the 'before' of the half bath. love the slanted ceiling...its located under the main stairwell going upstairs. we decided to change a few things...the pedestal sink was miniature...almost too small for normal use and we also moved it over a little bit, so it wasn't so close to the toilet.

i wanted to do some built-ins in the space under the staircase...but we haven't had time...that'll be a winter project or something for next year. i found the perfect size dresser to put in there for now. i decided on sconces in there, instead of an overhead light. the boxes were cut in before we decided what we wanted, and in hindsight....i may have done something a little bit differently. with the slope of the ceiling, the sconces hang pretty low..but i still like them. the floors in there are the 5" wide pine planking. LOVE THEM! i actually with the entire house was the planking. its so gorgeous. we had all the floors sanded and refinished and they turned out better than i ever imagined.

we went to an architectural salvage place in north mpls to look for some things for the house, a few months back. i found this really cool old pedestal sink. the enamel is in pretty good needs a good cleaning, but otherwise is okay. and its such a better size than the mini one that was in there. i went with a darker color for the powder room walls, for a little bit of drama. its called grenada villa, by benjamin moore.

i had found these really cool pulley's about a year ago and hadn't done anything with them we decided to make those our sconces. i found a metal back plate and we drilled holes through it for the wire and the hook that holds the pulley. i ordered some vintage looking twisted wire and brass sockets for the light itself and then some silvered light bulbs. i really do like how they turned out!

and here's a shot of the dresser i did, that fits perfectly in the space!

once the trim is up and painted, its going to be finished and it'll look great! can't wait! i don't think i'll EVER be finished painting....

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