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Monday, May 12, 2014

amazing community!

since we've started working on the Victorian, we've had SO many chatfield residents excited and supportive of the restoration. a lot of people have said what a shame it's been that the house was going downhill so badly... and they're happy to see someone coming in to bring it back to the beautiful lady it should be! I've met several new people through out this journey, and that's been so great. our neighbors and the people of chatfield are wonderful! the Fillmore county journal did an article on my husband and I a few weeks ago, about the restoration project. since then I've had several people stop in the shop and say how excited they are to see the all the 'after' work! I've even had some people stop and offer old windows, so that I take the glass out to use to repair our broken ones, offer doors that may work for our missing ones and lots of other things! a neighbor even came over the other day and gave me a name of an underleak (family that built our house), that can give me the history of it!! I'm SO excited to get in touch with her! how amazing is that?! I'm really excited to be involved in this new community and to become a permanent resident.

we've already been approached to have our house on the big Christmas tour in 2016! how fun will that be?! we can deck the whole house out in Christmas garb! I think a lot of people have seen this house going downhill for so many years, that they are so excited to see it restored... and what a better way, than to get a little Christmas tour!

on another community involvement note, seeing I've gotten so much support for the shop, and now the house... I decided to be a member on the heritage preservation commission, and the habitat for humanity committee that has started here in town! I'm really excited to be a part of them and to help give back to the community!

anyways, just a HUGE thanks to chatfield and everyone else that has been so kind during our adventure! And to all of our friends and family that have spent numberous hours helping, and to some of them that have been at the house, more than they've been at theirs.....HUGE thank you! There's no way, ever that we could've come this far without YOU,

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