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Wednesday, May 07, 2014


its ALMOST time to move in!! things have come together the last couple of weeks and this has been the fun part! getting the kitchen cabinets set, the lighting installed and at least the trim for one room painted....its getting closer and i cant wait.

we've stuck to the budget fairly well thus far. we needed major things for the boiler, some plumbing, all new electrical, insulation, air conditioning, water heater and water softener. those things add up FAST! which had me having to really budget all of the finishes and cabinets in the house. if you saw the post on the bathroom, i used a vintage buffet for the sink vanity, which i think i found for about $30, and i'm using a pair of mirrors my cousins gave me when they remodeled their house. i did however buy new lighting for the bathroom...thats a little harder to come by.

these are the sconces above the vanity

this is the main light fixture

i did the marble hex tile in the was a little bit of a splurge, but its perfect for the period of the house and its really, timeless. its not going to go look dated in years to come. its neutral enough, where i can change out my colors in the bathroom if i ever want to and its going to feel so nice with the in-floor heating we put in the bathroom. yes this is a 'restoration', but the modern amenities are SO nice!

just have to grout and get trim up and the bathroom is done!

im using a really neutral, warm color scheme for the house. accenting with navy blue, coral, red and greenish/blue tones.

i chose all benjamin moore colors. i use those most when doing design work, and know my favorites! i chose mostly warm greige colors for the walls. nice soft color.

the kitchen was a pain in the butt...seriously, a pain!! we had to move the cabinets several times to get them to fit right and then get the appliances to fit right. the walls and floor aren't exactly square, so it was a little challenge to get everything lined up and level...but he did it and they look exactly the way i thought they would! i ended up specing my cabinets from ikea. when i did a remodel at my house in mpls, i used ikea cabinets and i loved them! they're so versatile and you can make everything exactly the way you want. the possibilities are really endless. and there are SO many things you can do to make them look more 'custom' and 'built-in'. which we'll be doing once we get in the house. i'm going to build furniture feet for the lowers and put we'll put crown on the uppers. i also want to put some corbels under the uppers to make them look even more period to the house! lots of fine little details, but it will give such a gorgeous look to the project.

i was going back and fourth about color for a long time, but finally decided on white uppers and grey lowers. they look perfect with the tile on the floor and i love the contrast of the dark and light.

i am so happy with the herringbone pattern i chose for the floors!

we spent this last weekend putting drawers together, doors and panels on everything and getting everything set into place. thats the only drawback to ikea put everything together wasn't as bad as i remember from the other went pretty quickly actually. all of the doors and drawers have soft-close, which will be nice. i put some glass doors on the a few of the uppers to lighten it up even more, and we added puck lights in those cabinets and then under cabinets lighting to the rest. have i mentioned how nice it is to be married to an electrician?! and he put a docking station into the wall over by the fridge, which can charge 4 devices...i saw it at a someones house a while back and loved the idea!

i chose some period lighting, and then some fun pendents for over the island.
love the look of the old 'school light', so i chose that to go above the sink

this is what i got to hang above the island. love the industrial look of them and the cool huge edison bulbs!

the hardware is traditional, i don't want that to look dated in a few years either. i wanted to do traditional long pulls for the drawers and then knobs for some of the doors.

countertops have been a little hard to find....i need to stay within a certain dollar amount and what i've found so far is WAY out of it! so i need to keep shopping around!

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  1. Hi, its Beth, just wanted you to know I love Ikea for the cabinets too...a builder in Byron is using them in his new homes too!