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Friday, January 18, 2013

new pieces on the floor!

i've been busy the last week getting new things finished to get out on the floor! i just got a bunch of very cool vintage things at an auction, so the i started with that...a gorgeous chest of drawers with little doors on the top! it turned out so great...the paint flaked off and it looks old and worn....and i added a pop of color on the inside drawers!


i LOVE, LOVE mid century furniture, and i haven't rehabbed any lately, so i grabbed a cool danish side table out of storage and painted it a nice mint green.. the wood finish on the drawer was a nice tone, so i left that natural. it turned out really nice and clean. i love it!


i wanted to do something fun to 2 vintage chairs i i put some sticky vinyl on the seats and cut out a design and then painted over it....and then once the paint was dry, pulled the design off and exposed the original wood!

$85 each

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